Shiva Ratri '15

"During Sivaratri we dance to celebrate the mind, body and heart which beats with sublime grace. Siva delights in making the still and the unstill dissolve into ecstasy. As the ever reverberating "Ha!", resounds from His exquisite blue throat, the universe trembles with the anticipation of His next step. Siva is awake while asleep; he is of this world and totally beyond this world. He has one eye open and one eye closed, partaking of the external and internal worlds simultaneously. A smile rests upon his lips as he delights in creation (sound from the damaru), preservation (the reassurance that there is nothing to fear) and liberation (passing through the fire of samsara to bliss). Happy Sivaratri." - Laurissa Vibhuti

Denver based photographer specializing in Architectural, Industrial, Real Estate, Time lapse, and Wedding Photography - Denver Industrial Photographer specializing in long term demolition and construction time lapse.