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Badavaling Temple contains the second largest monolithic Shiva Lingam at 3 meters in

height. It's shrouded in a stone & masonry temple with an opening on the top and towards the East. It is stated that there is always water present in the base of the temple which seems to be

supplied by a small stream running through the area.

Badavaling Lingam / TempleSecond largest Shiva lingam at 3 meters tall - the Badavaling Lingam is located in Hampi, India

Pongal is celebrated during the month of January in parts of Southern India. Here in the backstreets of downtown Chennai, the kolam offerings reach their pinnacle on the auspicious day. Kolam is an artform that adorns the area just outside of the front entrance to a home. Usually just before dawn, women prepare the surface by sweeping and then sprinkling water onto the pavement or dirt surface before applying rice flour (colored and natural white/synthetic powders are sometimes used or chalk) in a geometric pattern and then fill in the lines with often intricate curves and designs. While kolam or rangoli is most often carried out by women, I have seen a man also involved with the creation of kolam.

Kai Silambu Attam - a folk dance which is a combination of Tamil martial arts and something else that I can't quite put my finger on.
Kai Silambu Attam
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