Conrad Olivier

The art of being present is by far more important than the bits of metal, plastic and glass that we utilize to capture the viewpoints we've occupied briefly. I enjoy using manual focus lenses as well as cobbling together somewhat non-standard gear to create interesting compositions. Years back, I created my own panohead for shooting panoramic images, utilized medium format film Noblex cameras, and have finally settled into using a manual panohead as used here in the image from Singapore.

Over the last several years, I've worked on some very long term time lapse projects at construction and demolition sites. Keeping a camera that is outside going for several years is quite a challenge as there are many obstacles ranging for insects, wind, rain & ice, movement and heat.

St. Anthony's Hospital Demolition Time-lapse 2013-2014 - Denver, Colorado from Conrad Olivier on Vimeo.

Mariposa VII: FRAMECAD by Douglass Colony from Conrad Olivier on Vimeo.

Denver based photographer specializing in Architectural, Industrial, Real Estate, Time lapse, and Wedding Photography - Denver Industrial Photographer specializing in long term demolition and construction time lapse.